qibb go! Portal overview

The qibb go! Portal is the central web-based user interface for accessing all q.air applications.

qibb uses state of the art security features, such as IAM (Identity and Access Management) and SSO (Single-Sign On). External access to the qibb go! Portal and all included applications are always secured via HTTPS.

As part of the IAM, each user account has predefined assigned roles and rights. This ensures that users can only access permitted functions and applications and only see relevant information. User accounts are created by the qibb go! COT (Cloud Operations Team), depending on customer requirements.

By using SSO, each user only has to sign in once. Usually, users sign in via the qibb go! Portal and access each individual application afterwards. Alternatively, users can also open applications directly, as each application will display an individual sign-in page before it can be accessed.


By default, users are automatically logged out if they are inactive for more than 5 minutes. This value is customizable according to customer requirements.

Accessing the qibb go! Portal


qibb go! officially supports and is optimized for current versions of Google Chrome. It is recommended to only use this browser when working with qibb.

Navigate to the Portal address with your browser.

The sign-in page is displayed:

page

Figure: Sign-in page

Enter your valid username and password and click Sign in.


If you cannot log in and want to reset your password, proceed as follows:

  1. Click Forgot Password.
  2. Enter your valid email address or username.
  3. Click Submit.

q.air will send you an email with instructions on how you can change your password.

After you successfully signed in, the qibb go! Portal main page is displayed:

Portal main page

Figure: Portal main page

The qibb go! Portal consists of the following main areas:

  1. On the left side: Navigation sidebar for accessing Portal areas, e.g. Home and Dashboards
  2. On the right side: Content of the currently selected Portal area

After successfully signing in, the Home area is pre-selected by default in the navigation sidebar on the left side. On the right side, the welcome screen is displayed.

Accessing apps via the welcome screen

The welcome screen provides links for quickly accessing all available apps and external resources. The links are divided into the following functional areas that are represented by individual tiles:

  • Ingest
  • Graphics
  • Schedule
  • Automation
  • Configuration
  • Support (q.air documentation)

Each functional area includes a primary link that can be opened by clicking the corresponding tile.

If an area provides multiple links, these can be accessed by clicking the App links icon on the bottom right of the corresponding tile. This opens the list of Related actions below.

Related actions

Figure: Related actions

To open an app, click on the corresponding action link.

Using dashboards

Dashboards consist of widgets and are used to aggregate data and functionality from multiple apps. By default, the welcome screen is set as home dashboard.


Dashboards are created by the qibb Go! COT (Cloud Operations Team). You can contact the COT via email at cot.support@qvestmedia.com.

To open a dashboard, proceed as follows:

  1. In the navigation sidebar click Dashboards.
    Available dashboards are displayed in the content area.

  2. Select a dashboard.
    The selected dashboard is displayed.

Last update: 2021-04-15